Union x Crab Grab Bindings



We've teamed up with our Pacific Northwest friends to create the second release of the Union x Crab Grab binding. Union did what they do best, building a strong, comfy, baddass binding. We did what we do best, and made them grippy as hell. Built on our favorite baseplate, these bindings are stable enough to carve in circles, yet still flexy enough for proper grab tweaking. 

Served up fresh in a reusable custom crab cooler, the only way to improve these bad boys would be to make them edible. Sold in pairs, fresh crab not included.

  • Baseplate: Stage V Duraflex 
  • Highback: ASYM S2 Highback
  • Forward Lean Adjuster: Shift-on-the-fly Forward Lean
  • Bushing: Multi Density Thermoformed Eva
  • Heelcup: Extruded 3D Aluminum
  • Smell: Wonderful
  • Ankle Strap: 3D Asymmetric
  • Toe Strap: Ultragrip Toe Straps
  • Buckles: Injected Aluminum Buckles
  • Disk: 4X4 + Channel Ready
  • Taste: Do not eat.
  • Hardware: Grade 8.8 Hardware
  • Packaging: Thermoformed Crab Cooler Box
  • Extra: Lifetime warranty Baseplates and Heelcups

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